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"I had an injury 5 years ago to my shoulder that I tried to ignore. I was unable to reach behind my back or raise my arm above my head. I was in pain all the time which affected my sleep. I took Tylenol or ibeuprofin to mask the pain which worried me due to high liver enzymes and concern of liver damage. I also tried a heating pad with no success.

I had never been to a chiropractor before. Then I met Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kevin at our school for teacher appreciation. I told them about my shoulder and agreed to see them for some help. I am so glad that I decided to see a chiropractor. I was very impressed with everyone in the office as they are personable and caring about their patients. Dr. Kevin said he could help me through adjustments and massage.

I have been coming to see them for 2 weeks and cannot believe how much I can do now. I am moving my arm so much better and sleeping all night which I wasn't doing before seeing them. When I hear someone talking about pain and suffering I mention how Hometown Chiropractic saved my life. They truly care about their patients and their well being. I am so glad that they chose to come to my place of employment. I feel so much better and have a better outlook on life."


"I DEFINITELY recommend Hometown Chiropractic!! I threw my back out and was practically immobile for an entire weekend; went to urgent care and despite several pain medications was still no where near comfortable; couldn't bend over, hurt to stand too long, etc. After one visit to Hometown I was able to regain normal movement and after the second visit I was feeling good enough to start walking the dog again! Everyone I met was very friendly, they could get me in right away at a time was convenient for me, and it was just overall a great experience! I was a little nervous because I had never been to a chiropractor before, but after my experience with Hometown I will eagerly come back again and recommend others to do the same!"

Brittany A.

"Magic hands I swear!!! Hometown Chiropractic is AMAZING! I've always been a big old ball of messed up and my back, shoulders, and neck have been no exception. Especially my left shoulder with random dislocations and such. Dr. Kevin has made it his personal mission to help me and get my shoulder where it needs to be, even personally getting things in motion to get an MRI approved and get to the underlying issue. Dr. Anderson and his staff are so wonderful, I dont know why I put it off for so long. His amazing massage therapists (covered under my insurance mind you) work wonders on my muscles after a work week each time. Each with their own specialty. I love these people and they will forever have my business!!! Thank you guys!!!"

Brandi B.

"I was referred by a friend who absolutely loves the care she receives there. Now me and my 10 year old son, who is Autistic and some other medical conditions, feel like were at home and are a part of their family! They have a very nice, clean and modern office as well. Me and my son feel so much better with the medical care and just being a part of their family. I don't believe there is another Chiropractor Clinic that can deliver this quality of care! You just have to try it once and then you'll know how welcoming they are!"

Kimberly L.

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